DIY Jeweled Sparkle Tights

This is definitely one of my favorite DIY projects. It was fast, cheap, and I love the end product! As you may know by now, I really like sparkly, shiny things so these tights are the perfect addition to my wardrobe! Below is the inspiration that I found online

Unfortunately, they were sold out :-(…..but I had to have them!

-Black Tights
-Jewels (I used two packs with 150 stones of various styles)
-Fabric glue (I used tacky glue)
*Note* if you use tacky glue, you can’t wash the item afterwards. Jewel glue would probably be a better option, but tacky glue was cheap and money is tight, so that’s what I used.

1. Put the tights on
2. Glue the stones on
3. Wait for them to dry
And you’re done!


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