Simplicity Sewing Pattern 1114 Review

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Romper season is upon us! I have a ton of unused fabric in my stockpile and have made it a personal goal to use most of it before I go out and buy more fabric. I had a really pretty fushia colored polyester fabric in the pile that was gifted to me a few years ago and have been saving it until I was struck by some creative “inspiration”.  Well the inspiration finally came when I came across this cute little romper pattern by simplicity. The pattern is number 1114 and was released at the very beginning of the season, I believe. It was perfect for my fushia colored fabric and i’m very happy with the finished outcome.

sim 1114

I love this romper. It’s so light-weight and flirty and it even has pockets!! The pattern was easy to make and the directions were pretty straight forward. It took me about a week to make it, but only because I took my time and only worked on it for short periods of time throughout the week. I should note that I originally made the longer version of the romper, but because of the color of the fabric I felt too much like Barney the dinosaur and prefer it in the shorter length. Also, the longer length made it look a little dressier than I was looking for and I think i’ll get more wear out of it being shorter. However, I REALLY liked the look of the longer romper and am planning on making another one in a different color that doesn’t make me feel like a children’s t.v. show character. This outfit could easily be worn to a dressy event in the right fabric.

Incase you were curious what it looked like before I chopped it off, I took pictures.

IMG_20150717_221437011 IMG_20150717_221457266 IMG_20150717_221508971 IMG_20150717_221540188

I will have to get some pictures of me actually wearing the romper. I don’t have a camera man, which makes things a little tricky, but i’ll try to get a few good selfies soon.

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