Simplicity Sewing Pattern 1114 Review

 IMG_20150718_161331065_HDR IMG_20150718_161424715_HDR IMG_20150718_161313827

Romper season is upon us! I have a ton of unused fabric in my stockpile and have made it a personal goal to use most of it before I go out and buy more fabric. I had a really pretty fushia colored polyester fabric in the pile that was gifted to me a few years ago and have been saving it until I was struck by some creative “inspiration”.  Well the inspiration finally came when I came across this cute little romper pattern by simplicity. The pattern is number 1114 and was released at the very beginning of the season, I believe. It was perfect for my fushia colored fabric and i’m very happy with the finished outcome.

sim 1114

I love this romper. It’s so light-weight and flirty and it even has pockets!! The pattern was easy to make and the directions were pretty straight forward. It took me about a week to make it, but only because I took my time and only worked on it for short periods of time throughout the week. I should note that I originally made the longer version of the romper, but because of the color of the fabric I felt too much like Barney the dinosaur and prefer it in the shorter length. Also, the longer length made it look a little dressier than I was looking for and I think i’ll get more wear out of it being shorter. However, I REALLY liked the look of the longer romper and am planning on making another one in a different color that doesn’t make me feel like a children’s t.v. show character. This outfit could easily be worn to a dressy event in the right fabric.

Incase you were curious what it looked like before I chopped it off, I took pictures.

IMG_20150717_221437011 IMG_20150717_221457266 IMG_20150717_221508971 IMG_20150717_221540188

I will have to get some pictures of me actually wearing the romper. I don’t have a camera man, which makes things a little tricky, but i’ll try to get a few good selfies soon.

Finger Crochet Infinity Scarf

IMG_20150118_174825 IMG_20150118_123206035_HDR IMG_20150118_175048

It’s still pretty cold outside here in the STL, so I made myself a scarf 🙂 I finger crocheted this infinity scarf using one skein of bulky yarn and it is sooooo warm and soft. It took me about two days to make since I get distracted pretty easily, but i’m sure it can be made in a day. I decided to use my fingers to crochet the scarf instead of a regular crochet hook because I find it to be much faster to use my fingers and I wanted to finish my scarf quickly so I could use it as soon as possible. If you are interested in learning how to finger crochet, there are some really good videos on Youtube that you can follow along with. Here is a link to a video that I found to be especially useful . You can use it to make a scarf just like mine! 😉

DIY Embellished Denim Vest

I found the inspiration piece for this project on Pinterest and immediately fell in love. I love the mix of the pearls and the jewels. Vests are also a great way to add a little extra flavor to an outfit and can be worn with just about anything in the summer. It took me a few weekends to leisurely stitch on all of the pearls and the jewels, but I really like the end result.I got the bought the denim jacket at the Goodwill for $3. The most expensive part of this project was the pearls and the jewels, which turned out to be about $30 from Michaels craft store. Lucky, Michaels has an app with 25% and 40% coupons every month, so that made the project more affordable. You could also just pick less expensive embellishments, but I guess I have expensive taste 😉

 Inspiration Pieces

My Version!

Sweater Hat

Hello all! I was in the mood for a late-night project and it’s been really chilly in the STL recently, so I made myself a hat. The hat is made from a green sweater that was too small for me but was a really awesome color. My new hat is very cozy and the too-tiny sweater now serves the greater purpose of keeping my nogin warm.

DIY Jeweled Sparkle Tights

This is definitely one of my favorite DIY projects. It was fast, cheap, and I love the end product! As you may know by now, I really like sparkly, shiny things so these tights are the perfect addition to my wardrobe! Below is the inspiration that I found online

Unfortunately, they were sold out :-(…..but I had to have them!

-Black Tights
-Jewels (I used two packs with 150 stones of various styles)
-Fabric glue (I used tacky glue)
*Note* if you use tacky glue, you can’t wash the item afterwards. Jewel glue would probably be a better option, but tacky glue was cheap and money is tight, so that’s what I used.

1. Put the tights on
2. Glue the stones on
3. Wait for them to dry
And you’re done!


DIY Sequins Clutch Bag

Anyone who really knows me is well of aware of the facts that I like sparkly things. They should also know that I really love purses. And what do you get when you put the two things together, you ask?? Answer: Pure awesomeness. I saw a DIY video for a sequins clutch bag on youtube and decided that I had to have one. Above is my newest creation in all of it’s sparkly metallic glory!!!

The best part about my new favorite clutch bag?? There is enough room for all of my going-out necessities!! Phone, lip gloss, I.D., money, you name it. I would definitely recommend making one of these. Sequins is a little bit challenging to work with, but with a little patience you can really create something you’ll enjoy. Below are some really good tutorials that I found for making a bag like this one, including the video that inspired me.


Hawkeye Game Day Dress

My first attempt at a game day dress, made from a size large t-shirt 🙂 It was really easy to make and only took a few hours! Keep reading to see how I made it.

1 t-shirt 
Contrast fabric (I used black)
1-inch wide ribbon
1. Start with a t-shirt with you university mascot or logo on the front (our mascot is Herky). I used a size Large t-shirt, which is two size larger than what I usually wear.
2. Cut off the sleeve and collar right along the seam


3. Cut straight across the t-shirt, right under where the collar used to be.

4. Cut diagonally towards the top of the shirt, starting at the bottom of the arm hole. I folded my shirt in half to make sure it was even on both sides.

4. Fold over the edges of shirt that you just cut (green arrows) towards the wrong side of the shirt  by 1-inch and stitch. Then fold over top edge of the shirt by about 1 1/4 of an inch (red arrow). This will form a tub at the top of the shirt to slide your ribbon through. (Do this for both sides of the shirt, so you will actually have two tubes; one in the front of the shirt and one in the back).
5. Next, you’re going to thread your ribbon through the tubes (casings) that you just created. I like to attach a safety pin to the end of the ribbon and use it to thread the ribbon through. Play around with the ribbon until you achieve a length long enough to tie both sides comfortably around your shoulders. 


6. Now you should have something that’s starting to look like a dress! At this point, take the dress in on the sides until it fits the way you like. I had to take mine in about 3 inches on each side to achieve the perfect fit. If you prefer the baggy look, leave it as is.
Before taking the dress in on the sides

After being taken in. Fit much better.

7. The dress was a little short at this point for me, so I used some black fabric and added a flounce at the bottom. This added about 3 inches to the dress.

The finished product!

Ready for some football!